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Winter Fancy Food Show 2016 in San Francisco

| Biz Events, Food & Drink Events, USA Events | 11/26/2015

Winter Fancy Food Show 2016 - Logo

Winter Fancy Food Show 2016
Date: January 17(Sun) – 19(Tue), 2016
Hours: 10am – 5pm (Last Day: 4pm)
Venue: Moscone Center, San Francisco
Organiser: Specialty Food Association, Inc.
Contact: +1-646-878-0301
Official Website: Winter Fancy Food Show

About Winter Fancy Food Show
The Winter Fancy Food Show is the West Coast’s largest specialty food & beverage trade show, held annually in January. Discover 80,000 on-trend and best-in-class products including confections, cheese, coffee, snacks, spices, ethnic, natural, organic and more. Connect with 1,400 exhibitors representing the latest in specialty foods and beverages from across the U.S. and 35 countries and regions.

Japan Pavilion

Winter Fancy Food Show 2016
WFFS16 (Winter Fancy Food Show 2016) is the largest specialty food trade event on the West Coast and a showcase of industry innovation, bringing specialty food’s top manufacturers, buyers, and thought leaders together under one roof for three days of delectable discovery, January 17-19. 2016 will feature more than 80,000 products, 19,000 buyers, and 1,400 exhibitors!

Exhibitor who show Japanese products

  • Aiya America
    Booth#: 659
    Product: Matcha and Tea
    About Products:
    Balancing technology and tradition, Aiya has been producing the world’s best Japanese Matcha green tea since 1888. As the biggest manufacturer of Matcha in the world, Aiya provides many different grades of Matcha to meet all Matcha needs, such as our Ceremonial and Cooking grades. Aiya’s Matcha is also available in convenient consumer sized packaging. Crafted with quickness and convenience in mind, its Zen Café Blend line mixes tea powders and pure cane sugar for an easy latte or smoothie, and its Matcha To Go Sticks are designed to fit anywhere and eliminate the whisking process of creating Matcha green tea.

    Booth#: 4132
    Product: Japanese sweets (Marshmallow, Biscuit)

  • Angelo Pietro Inc.
    Booth#: 4810
    Product: Dressings
    About Products:
    All-Natural Angelo Pietro Dressings combine Japanese flavors with traditional Italian vinaigrettes. The Original Shoyu Dressing, the Sesame & Miso Dressing and the Ginger Dressing sing out with flavor, dressing up not just salads, but vegetable dishes, sandwiches, meats, eggs and pasta.

    Booth#: USA 5618
    Product: Seafood
    About Products:
    Azuma Foods International Inc., U.S.A. offers the best in specialty Japanese-style seafood products. We strive to create a unique food culture that introduces innovative products that appeals to the tastes of all customers.
    Our company is committed to producing high quality products and making them available worldwide. We are proud to have experienced and knowledgeable sales representatives who travel domestically and internationally to fulfill customers’ needs. With over 25 years of superior customer service, Azuma Foods is the leader in the development and distribution of Japanese-style food products.

    Booth#: 4143
    Product: Wasabi Products
    About Products:
    Wasabi dressing is a soy sauce based dressing with a pungent taste, made by adding wasabi produced in Izu in Shizuoka Prefecture.
    Sesame-Wasabi dressing has a rich and fresh fragrance of sesame with Izu-made Wasabi flavor. Umashio is combination of “Moshio”-natural sea salt – produced by traditional production way, and soy sauce and vinegar. These dressing are suitable for a wide range of applications. Serve as dressings for not only for salad as well as a sauce for fish, meat, and vegetable dishes as your choice.

    Booth#: 3425
    Product: Seasoning Products
    About Products:
    Japanese food products including rice vinegar, sushi vinegar, dark soy sauce, reduced-sodium soy sauce, mirin, sesame soy salad dressing, teriyaki sauce, sweet soy sauce, sesame oil, nori, shiitake mushrooms, sushi rice, rice cracker mix, panko, wasabi, natural wasabi, white sesame seed, black sesame seed, tuxedo sesame seed (white and black), pickled ginger, natural pickled ginger, bamboo paddle & mat, white miso soup, red miso soup, clear soup, sushi-making kit, natural sushi-making kit and a cookbook. Retail and food service sizes available.

    Booth#: 4047
    Product: Instant Noodles
    About Products:
    This product has One Year Shelf Life even though using Fresh-style Noodles (Ramen). It is the healthy instant noodles of the natural type that does not use Animal ingredient, Dairy, MSG, Preservative, Artificial color at all. It is possible to change to your Private Label of product.

  • Executive Committee for Promoting Sapporo Specialty Product & Tourism Fairs in Asia
    Booth#: 4031 and 4033
    Product: Sapporo’s Products
    About Products:

    Booth#: 4134
    Product: Ice-cream
    About Products:
    Our Minisoft Ice-cream Multi-pack contains 6 soft serve ice cream cones with a cute appearance. They come in three flavors-vanilla, vanilla & chocolate, and chocolate. Green tea Minisoft ice-cream use only 100% Matcha (Green Tea Powder) from Japan. They also come in three flavors-green tea, vanilla & green tea and vanilla. Cones are soft and easy to chew.

    Booth#: 4030
    Product: Liquor
    About Products:
    KATANA JUNMAI GINJO (Type:Junmai Ginjo): Sharp, yet noble with a fruity Japanese aroma and a crisp bitter finish. Perfect pairing with elegant dishes.

    Booth#: 4133
    Product: Gluten Free Foods
    About Products:
    Gluten Free products is all-natural, and full of flavor for delicious gluten free cooking at home.

  • House Foods
    Booth#: 3713
    Product: Instant Foods
    About Products:
    House Foods America Corporation is composed of three operations. Its first and core operation is manufacturing and distribution of Tofu and Meat Alternative products. The second operation is the importing of foods from its parent company, House Foods Corporation, Japan (HFC) as well as creating and manufacturing new dry grocery items in the USA. HFC is Japan’s largest processor of spices, as well as the largest manufacturer and seller of such popular products as curry, stew mixes, and ready-to-heat foodstuffs. The third operation is managing a chain of curry restaurants, called Curry House™, which have now grown to eleven locations in the greater Los Angeles and San Diego areas, with the latest restaurant addition in Northern California.
    Stop by the House Foods booth to learn about our products such as Vermont Curry, Mabo Tofu Sauce, Wasabi Paste, Shichimi Togarashi, and Barley Tea. You can also discover House Foods’ all new Curry House™ Japanese Style Vegetable Curries.

    Booth#: 4036
    Product: Konjac
    About Products:
    It is not the one to do any guarantee for the description data and the evaluation though the content of the description is made based on the material that is able to be acquired now. Moreover, it wishes handling after the security precaution that is appropriate for the usage and the usage is newly executed when special handling is done because the description matter is the one intended for usual handling. The product does not contain any flour ingredients, so it is also safe for those with wheat allergies.

  • ITO EN (North America)INC.
    Booth#: 1670
    Product: Tea and Beverage
    About Products:
    ITO EN is an award-winning innovator and the nation’s leading purveyor of green tea products and beverages. With a legacy of over 45 years, the company is dedicated to creating an authentic green tea culture and introducing premium quality products that embody the company’s five principles of Natural, Healthy, Safe, Well-designed and Delicious. Offering an extensive selection of award-winning beverages of all natural premium brewed bottled teas and coffees, artisanal loose leaf teas and ceremonial green tea-Matcha.

  • Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Los Angeles
    Booth#: 4028, 4029, 4037, 4039, 4128, 4136 and 4138
    Product: Organic Products and etc.
    About Products:
    *TAKAOKAYA USA INC: Purveyors of quality Japanese seaweed nori, green tea, furikake seasoning and Soy Crepe in Vernon, CA. *FURIKAKE: Japanese secret seasoning “FURIKAKE” ! For rice, noodle, grill Seasoning etc. *ORGANIC/KOSHER Certified Factory.

  • Japan Gold USA
    Booth#: 1383
    Product: Organic Foods
    About Products:
    Japan Gold USA is a boutique supplier of premium natural and organic foods from Japan, Asia and America. For over 40 years, its parent company Muso Co., LTD based in Osaka, Japan has been distributing quality natural foods worldwide to over 50 countries. Japan Gold USA is discriminating in the products it chooses to represent: Besides its own brand, it offers Ohsawa®, Gold Mine™, Spiral Foods®, Japanese Delight™ and “From Japan”products, all selected for their quality and popularity.

    Booth#: 2915
    Product: Many kind of Japanese Products
    About Products:
    JFC International is a Japanese Oriented Asian Foods Distributors. We service over 12,000 account from 9 Master Warehouses and 12 Sales Depot locations located across the US. Our customers range from Mainstream markets, Foodservice, Restaurants and Independently operated Retailers. Our company has roots operating in the US for more than 100 years. We would be honored if you would let us support your Asian Category needs.

  • Kagoshima Meat Export Federation
    Booth#: 4041
    Product: Wagyu
    About Products:
    Kagoshima is the greatest Wagyu production region in Japan. Kagoshima meat export federation are comprised of the Kagoshima prefectural government and Kagoshima meat exporters. We aims to increase awareness and expand sales of Kagoshima-produced Wagyu beef overseas. We expect that many people would taste a delicious Kagoshima Wagyu beef, which is heavy marbling and tender. Kagoshima wagyu seems to melt in your mouth, spreading rich, mellow flavor.

  • Kewpie Corporation
    Booth#: 4129
    Product: Seasoning
    About Products:
    “Umami Incarnate!” is how one top American Chef describes Kewpie Mayonnaise. Kewpie’s superior flavor and delicate consistency, in a unique, easy-to-use squeeze bottle, make it perfect for special meals or everyday use. Kewpie is praised and preferred as part of the secret arsenal of many of the world’s best chefs, favoring it over America’s best-selling brands for its superior flavor, silky-smooth texture and excellent mixing properties. The egg-yolk only formula contributes to Kewpie’s wonderfully-distinct flavor, uniform smoothness and slightly yellow color. A proprietary blend of vinegars provides a finish that is slightly sweeter than everyday whole-egg mayos.

  • Kobayashi Noodle Co., Ltd.
    Booth#: 4038
    Product: Noodle
    About Products:
    Enjoy the gluten free fettuccine with your favorite sauce. Rice flour contains finer quality protein, and has higher moisture content and fewer calories than wheat flour.

  • Koda Farms
    Booth#: 420
    Product: Rice
    About Products:
    California’s oldest family owned and operated rice farm and mill, established 1928. Exclusive breeder and grower of proprietary, heirloom Kokuho Rose© Japanese rice varietal developed in the 1950s in our farm’s seed program specifically for our soil types and microclimate. Slow maturing and low yielding, our flavorful rice is the antithesis of commodity grade product that dominates the marketplace. To this day, we maintain our own seed nursery to preserve the integrity and character of our proprietary rice varietals. Vertically integrated, we farm, process, and package everything on our homestead. Conventional and Certified Organic production

  • Kracie Foods, Ltd.
    Booth#: 4130
    Product: Sweets
    About Products:
    CHIIKU-GASHI, means educational confectionery in Japanese, was created in 1986. Now CHIIKU-GASHI to be DIY candy for kids are expanding its brand not only in Japan but also in around the world.

  • Marinfood Co., Ltd.
    Booth#: 4146
    Product: Cheese and Butter Products
    About Products:
    This bite-size snack cheese is very popular among any ages. Its candy-like package is very easy-to-open for anyone; pulling a wrap from both sides and it’s ready to eat! You can eat them in various situations such as a daily snack, an appetizer for liquor, or a nutritional suppliment. A hint of milk for an ingredient creates richer and mellower taste. Artificial flavor or coloring is not added.

  • Marukome USA Inc.
    Booth#: 989
    Product: Miso Products
    About Products:
    Marukome USA is one of the oldest and certainly the largest Miso makers in Japan. A state of the art facility was opened less than three years ago in Irvine CA to manufacture both red and white Miso pastes, three flavors of Miso YakI grilling sauces and an additional three flavors of Miso Salad Dressings. Miso is well known as a flavor enhancer and can claim umami (a flavor burst of a combination of ingredients) as one of its attributes. Umami plus Miso’s proven health benefits makes it one of the great food finds of the decade. Products incldue Marukome White Miso, Marukome Red Miso, Marukome Miso Yaki, Marukome Miso Salad Dressings.

    Booth#: 4042
    Product: Yam Products
    About Products:
    Yam(What we call “Nagaimo”) has been used for the human health since ancient times. Yam has potassium which helps making blood pressure down, Amylase which can recover from dyspepsia and Mucin which can effect for anti-aging. Aomori prefecture is the well known producing area of Yam. Along with Yam, we also introduce Rice. Japanese culture is founded on a culture of rice growing. All over Japan multiple paddy fields are still farmed, each planted according to the various weather patterns, climatic and geograhpical conditions of the location. Together these fields create the beautiful scenic charasteristics of the Japanese rural landscapes.

    Booth#: 4145
    Product: Burdock Products
    About Products:
    Japanese young burdock is thoroughly pickled in bonito sauce for a considerable period of time. It contains no artificial coloring nor preservatives, which allows for the natural flavor and color of the burdock to come through.

  • Gold Mine Natural Food Company
    Booth#: 1381
    Product: Organic Gluten-Free Products
    About Products:
    Gold Mine Natural Food Co. imports and distributes traditional artisan foods from Japan, including best sellers Ohsawa® Organic Nama® Shoyu (unpasteurized soy sauce) and Ohsawa® Organic Gluten-Free Tamari. Gold Mine makes its own Organic Raw Sauerkraut, Garlic Kraut, and new to the line, Organic Kimchi, a sofi finalist this year, which, like the others, is vegan, raw, and gluten-free. Another top seller is Gluten-Free Raw Kelp Noodles, with only 6 calories per serving. The company specializes in macrobiotic, vegan, raw, gluten-free, and kosher foods, plus hard-to-find, heirloom quality organic grains, beans, and seeds. Products available in packaged and bulk sizes; no GMO’s, artificial ingredients or refined sweeteners.

  • Ohyama Foods Co.,Ltd.
    Booth#: 4135
    Product: Seasoning Yuzu Products
    About Products:
    Japanese Yuzu Hot Sauce “marcy”. “marcy” is not limited to just one style of cooking. Sushi, sausage, buckwheat, cheese, tempura, Hamburger, pasta, pot, pizza, Fish & Chips, sashimi, Wagyu. Ingredients /fermented vinegar, citron pepper (citron, chili, salt), chili, salt (sea salt).

  • Oumi cha Promotion Council
    Booth#: 4045 and 4046
    Product: Green Tea
    About Products:
    In cooperation with four companies jointly, it advances the market development of a regional brand of Shiga Prefecture, “Omi tea”, and to spread the Omi tea brand, played a foothold that will connect the history and tradition of the tea producing area in the next generation communityIt is.

  • puredrop.jp Inc.
    Booth#: 4032
    Product: Rice Yogurt
    About Products:
    Rice Yogurt are very interesting, wholesome, and delicious dairy-free drink made from Japanese rice which are traditional food they have been passed down from over a 1000 years ago in Japan. They are blended with unique vegetable and green tea powder, and all of those are natural ingredients to create a variety of richly refreshing flavors.

  • SA Japanese Green Tea (Sugimoto America)
    Booth#: 4035
    Product: Matcha
    About Products:
    Matcha for daily use, traditional and beyond. Available in two varieties, this organic, finely ground essence of green tea is made from only the most tender organic tea leaves. Whether it’s a warm and inviting tea that awakens the senses or the robust flavor of green tea for everyday use, SA matchas provide the authentic Japanese green tea experience.
    1. Organic Ceremonial Matcha
    2. Organic Daily Matcha

  • Shizuoka Prefectural Government
    Booth#: 4043
    Product: Sencha, Organic Black Tea
    About Products:
    Shizuoka accounts for 45% of Japan’s overall tea production, and the prefecture is at the leading-edge of research on the benefits that can be obtained from green tea.

    Booth#: 4034
    Product: WAGYU
    About Products:
    KAGOSHIMA Wagyu is raised in warm climate of Kagoshima. Supply of Kagoshima Wagyu is always stable with their abondant production and high quality achieved by careful raising by farmers.
    SATSUMA Wagyu is raised at Mizusako Farm, that is main farm, in Kagoshima. We can supply Satsuma Wagyu products stably.
    MIYAZAKIGYU comes from Japanese Black cattle produced and fattened in Miyazaki Prefecture, and it is awarded as No.1 prize of Wagyu in Japan.

  • Sumidaya syouten
    Booth#: 4040
    Product: Rice
    About Products:
    In an original blend adjusted to give a well balanced taste, and finished with an ancient rice milling process that maximizes the umami flavor.

    Booth#: 4140 and 4142
    Product: Tea

    Booth#: 4131
    Product: Salad Dressing
    About Products:
    A real Japanese brand, Bear, is established in Japan and manufactured in California. Our products have been favored by Asian restaurants around the world for decades. With no artifical flvor or preservatives, you can now enjoy chef’s favorite at home. Yuzu Sesame Dressing, Creamy Sesame Dressing, Soy Onion Vinaigrette.

    Booth#: 4141
    Product: Seasoning Sesame Products
    About Products:
    Gold Sesame oil: Made from gold sesame seed. Use for putting on salad , icecream. Shitimi:Japanese traditional mixed seven spices. Awesome aroma and good for health.

    Booth#: 4139
    Product: Seasoning Soy Sauce Products
    About Products:
    Organic soy sauce with vinegar. Uses soy sauce from Japan-grown organic ingredients, organic rice vinegar, and organic yuzu juice.

  • Yugeta Shoyu LTD.
    Booth#: 4137
    Product: Seasoning Soy Sauce Products
    About Products:
    Taste Award iTQi “Superior Taste Award” &“Three Star Gplden Superior” 2014. Made from soybeans and wheat which are both domestically grown and organic JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) for Organic Vegetables certified.

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