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Tokimeite in Mayfair, London: Chef Murata’s take on Kaiseki cuisine

| Biz News, Reports, United Kingdom | 08/19/2017


Tokimeite in Mayfair: Chef Murata’s take on Kaiseki cuisine

Date: Aug 18, 2017
Source: The Up Coming By FILIPPO L’ASTORINA

It makes sense for chef Yoshihiro Murata to have his restaurant in Mayfair, the home of Japanese fine dining. London’s poshest neighbourhood counts on world-famous establishments such as Araki, Umu and Nobu, which boast five michelin stars; many would find it intimidating, not Murata, though, who holds seven stars between Kyoto and Tokyo. He’s a leading figure in the Kaiseki cuisine, the equivalent of the western world fine-dining concept.

KYOTO GOZEN: WAGYU YAMATONI STEAK – All Bento are served with a selection of traditional Sushi, Tempura, Assorted Starter and Mushroom Miso Soup. (Photo: Filippo L’Astorina)

Less than two years since the opening of Tokimeite, we decide to try its lunch menus. There’s Kyoto Gozen (£25), which is a Kyoto-style bento with four options for the main ingredient (Wagyu Yamatoni Hamburg Steak, Salmon Teriyaki Grill, Sumiyaki Chicken, Sashimi Sanshu); Nigiri Jukkan (£30), which is a selection of ten nigiri sushi; and Wagyu Gozen (£45), which is pretty much the same as the Kyoto Gozen but comes with Wagyu Ichibo Steak (50g of premium cut wagyu beef).

Wagyu is the Japanese cow known for its exceptional marbling and quality, and the most famous breed comes from Kobe. What makes this type of beef special (and very, very expensive) is the strict set of rules that must be adhered to in order to raise the cattle – as well as the exclusive provenance. For his London opening chef Murata teamed up with ZeN-Noh, an agricultural cooperative that exports this unique ingredient, so it’s no surprise that wagyu is widely present in the menus. We choose that and the selection of nigiri.

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