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Tecnos Global Company, a Japanese ICT Solutions Provider, Acquires Lirik Inc., a Cloud Integrator Based in Silicon Valley

| Biz News, Business Development, India, USA | 07/24/2018

Tecnos Group’s Growth Strategy Acquired by Lirik

Tecnos Group acquires Lirik, a cloud integrator in Silicon Valley – Accelerate business development in the North American market with ERP × CRM × AI

Date: Jun 18, 2018
Source: Tecnos Global Company of America, Inc.

Tecnos Global Company of America, Inc., a US subsidiary of Tecnos Japan Inc. (TOKYO: 3666) (Headquarters: Tokyo, Shinjuku Ward, President and CEO: Takashi Yoshioka, herein “Tecnos Japan”) announced today that Tecnos Global Company of America, Inc. (Headquarters: California State, USA; Makoto Yamashita, herein TGCA “) has acquired 95% of all issued shares of Lirik, Inc., a cloud solution provider in North American (Head office: California State, CEO: Anand Ghalsasi, herein “Lirik”) to strengthen business development in the North American market.

Tecnos Japan supports the business development for our clients using the latest digital technologies such as ERP and big data. On the other hand, Lirik is a company that started out in Silicon Valley in 2015 and is growing mainly in ERP and CRM cloud integration business. Our group and Lirik decided that synergies in each other’s business could be expected, and we decided to acquire Lirik. The main objectives of this acquisition are as follows.

1. Expand business in the North American market and strengthen business with our group in Japan

As a Tecnos group, we will promote business development based on Lirik’s North American market. North America is driving the global IT market and we expect further business growth in AI, especially in North America. In the future, we will expand our business in collaboration with Japan and North America in ERP, CRM and AI markets.

2. Enhancement of the latest technology discovery in Silicon Valley

Utilize personal connections and networks in Lirik’s Silicon Valley to strengthen discovering the latest technologies and services including venture companies and aim to be a base for innovation creation.

3. Utilizing offshore at India development center

We will utilize Lirik’s India development base and secure excellent talent in India. That is the purpose of securing IT human resources and AI human resources who are predicted shortage in the future.

In addition, Mr. Anand Ghalsasi, current CEO of Lirik, will continue to be involved in management as the head of the North American market even after the acquisition.

“Lirik’s participation in the Tecnos Group is the first step to make a major shift in our global expansion and we sincerely welcome Lirik. We are confident that collaboration with Lirik will create a big synergistic effect towards business creation of “ERP × CRM × AI”. By cooperating between the two companies in the future, we will contribute to the global development of our clients and sustainable growth. ” said Takashi Yoshioka, President and CEO of Tecnos Japan Inc.

“In the North American IT and AI markets showing high growth potential, both Lirik and TGCA are based in Silicon Valley and are working on gathering information by quickly grasping the latest IT technology and trends. We will expand our business base in North America with Lirik in the future and aim to become the innovation creation base necessary for the global development of the Tecnos Group. ” said Makoto Yamashita, CEO of Tecnos Global Company of America.

“We are excited to join Tecnos Group. There is a tremendous opportunity to collaborate in North America, Japan and India, and deliver transformative digital experience to our customers at a global scale.” said Anand Ghalsasi, CEO of Lirik. “As part of Tecnos, we will build further on our vision to ensure positive business outcomes for customers of all sizes and industries using Cloud and AI.”

Tecnos Group’s Growth Strategy Acquired by Lirik

Develop Business in North American Market Based on Lirik’s Business, and Promote Business Combining ERP × CRM × AI

Tecnos Japan Inc.
Tecnos Japan Inc. is an independent IT service group including four affiliated companies. Tecnos Japan is offering a series of information system services such as planning, consulting, analysis, design, development, introduction and maintenance systems, as a motto from the foundation of “customer satisfaction improvement”. Tecnos Japan is developing business with ERP · Big Data · Global as three segments, and more than 220 companies have integrated ERP. For more information about Tecnos Japan Inc., please visit https://www.tecnos.co.jp/

Tecnos Global Company of America, Inc.
Tecnos Global Company of America, Inc. was founded in September 2013 to conduct research on advanced ICT trends in Silicon Valley, USA. Tecnos Global Company of America has discovered the latest ICT products and services and have deployed to the domestic market in Japan. In the future, Tecnos Global Company of America will continue to focus not only on the discovery of the latest technology but also as a sales base in the North American market. Please visit http://tecnos-g.com

Lirik, Inc.
Lirik, Inc. is a cloud integrator that integrate systems mainly in Salesforce, Oracle NetSuite, headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA. Established in 2015, Lirik is steadily growing business in the growing cloud integration market in North America, and also Lirik has pioneered a global service delivery model that combines offshore development centers in India with onsite project management, discovery, and architecture capabilities. please visit http://www.lirik.io/

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