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Japan’s largest flavor and fragrance company, Takasago eye demand for Southeast Asia

| Economy & Markets | 07/21/2014

Takasago International's new plant in Singapore includes research facilities.

Takasago finds tasty market in Southeast Asia
Date: Jul 21, 2014
Source: Nikkei – By TOMOHIRO ARAO

TOKYO — Japan’s largest flavor and fragrance company, Takasago International, is building a new production and research center in Singapore as it looks to capitalize on growing markets in Southeast Asia.

Although overseas sales already account for nearly half the company’s sales, Asia outside Japan accounted for only 17 billion yen ($166 million) or slightly more than 10% of global sales in fiscal 2013.

“It is important to cater to local palates,” said Satoshi Masumura, who became president of Takasago in May. He said no place in the world rivals Southeast Asia when it comes to the diversity of consumer preferences, which makes the region an ideal testing ground.

The company in March opened a new 4.8 billion yen plant in Singapore that combines research and production to turn out products better suited to local tastes. The plant has an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons, roughly three times that of the company’s old facility in Singapore. The new factory makes both flavors for food and drinks, and fragrances for cosmetics and consumer products.

Broad reach

Takasago formulates flavors and fragrances for Asia in Singapore and Malaysia. The Singapore factory serves as an export base to China, India and Oceania, in addition to other countries in Southeast Asia. Its sales offices around the region gather data on local preferences, which the company uses to develop new products.

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