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Japan Pavilion received the gold prize for best exhibition at Expo Milan 2015

| Biz News, Reports | 12/02/2015

Japan Pavilion at EXPO MILANO 2015

Japanese restaurant branch to EXPO MILANO 2015 makes a big success
Source: Organization to Promote Japanese Restaurants Abroad (JRO)

We emphasize Japanese foods culture in the world and bound in the eating out “globalization first year”
Italy EXPO MILANO 2015 which featured the theme of “meal” puts an end to long-term event for six months in the end of October, 2015. Therefore, about consortium with seven Japanese restaurants that played important role to emphasize Japanese foods culture in EXPO MILANO 2015 in the world, Nippon Food service association (JF) which backed up they company group, approach of Organization to Promote Japanese Restaurants Abroad (JRO), the activity result, let’s report based on thing that we observed on the site of EXPO MILANO 2015 in particular.
(economic journalist, representative media office era stimulation person Yoshiji Makino)

“The making of market of Japanese foods” is possible centering on EU, and advance chances to the world increase
Let’s express from conclusion earlier. Japan emphasizes food culture in Japan through this EXPO MILANO 2015 for the world, and it may be said that food culture in Japan certainly thereby got world citizenship.
It is that JF consortium company unites and fulfiled the core role to be particularly glad. Japanese food service industry presented market abroad individually until now, but, by superlative performance called EXPO MILANO 2015 which featured the theme of for long term and “meal” like this time, we strengthen unity for appeal of Japanese food culture together, and implication that showed presence is big.

It is not only it. When it is big result that there was the making of Japanese foods market in foreign countries in various meanings by big surge of Japanese foods evaluation in this EXPO MILANO 2015 so far centering on the European Community (EU) difficult to approach, person concerned with JF talks about JF consortium company, JF, JRO.
Above all, it is plus that foothold of development to EU market was made. Because evaluation for taste seasoning drawing France in the core of EU market, thing (horse) taste that Japanese food culture does in “strength” among chef and cooks of countries to take pride in resisting each food culture such as Italy particularly taste of material opens steadily. It shows dish which it used the taste seasoning for abundantly this time in EXPO MILANO 2015, and this is because it got high evaluation some other time.

In the Japanese pavilion, waiting, Nippon Food coat are extreme popularity in peak for nine hours, too.
But it is fact that Japanese food service industry learned various things in this EXPO MILANO 2015 at the same time at the JF beginning. At first let’s report way of strenuous efforts of Japanese restaurant with this 6-month popular degree of Japanese building and Nippon Food coat a little before talking about those problems.

Japan, the second place were hometown Italy the first place of pavilion “worth seeing which cut most, and was in popular pavilion Web result that Italian event information magazine “ViviMilano” performed at the end of June, and was splendid” as they introduced even this EXPO MILANO 2015 feature 1.

Entrance to Japanese hall which I looked at in the spot of EXPO MILANO 2015 meeting place was waiting for approximately one hour as of July to support it. However, in the tail of line, it is said that it became awaiting in what we are surprised at for what and nine hours when five hours waiting becomes quite common and enters in October of the end game since summer time of August begins.

Japanese hall of EXPO MILANO 2015 anticipated 1,400,000 people about attendance at first, but, with Japan building popularity where we just told about, we exceed 1,500,000 in the middle of September, and it is said that we exceeded what and 2 million more in the end of October before some ends in October.

For 3 times increase that sales amount of Japanese restaurant per day greatly exceeds aim at first.
We nominated result to greatly exceed expectation at first for sales amount of four restaurants (two of four are changed every three months, and seven open a store in total) of Japanese restaurant one & Nippon Food coat with this.
According to the JF person concerned, we anticipated 23,000 euros (Japanese yen conversion 3 million yen) per day about five sales targets at first. However, it is said that it was force to greatly exceed 40,000 euros in what sales amount of Nippon Food coat to be next to in proportion to entrance visitors to Japanese hall having increased at an unbelievable rate recorded for 69,600 euros of 3 times per day on sudden rise, October 10 day after day really.

As for by two, full operation and sukiyaki, Kakiyasu, Ningyocho Imahan, Rice burger of steak, Mos Food Services of teriyaki burger, Kyotaru of sushi formed a pair each in six months for international exposition period, and, as for Nippon Food coat, SAGAMI CHAIN of noodles including Soba, ICHIBANYA of curry & tonkatsu opened a store by turns again Minokichi of Japanese dishes Japanese restaurant for three months as we already knew company which opened a store. It is fact that there was trouble to say about emphasizing Japanese foods culture in in land of cultures and land different in way of thinking for security culture to speak later, and to become known neither.

As for the cook, all companies dispatched employee from Japan for long term. During international exposition period, it was totally considerable hard work without closing every day when we included preparations & clearing after front of it from half past 11 a.m. of business hours to half past 9 p.m. But it runs out for splendid no single word that many people became leading figure of Japanese foods culture centering on common fortune to be able to talk about without words “meal”.

We make scrum with cooperation, oar Japan type, and JF consortium supports difficult problem
JF and JRO of company which participated in JF consortium and backup do cooperation correspondence with a sense of unity as we expressed in the beginning, and big result by this EXPO MILANO 2015 project is to have taken so-called oar Japan-shaped action. According to the JF person concerned, it is said that the scrum laid cooperation effect in various forms about introduction of new menu made from follow-up, them such as procurement from Japan of ingredients, impression of local procurement beginning visitor.

But it was not start that we fixed entirely from the first. EXPO MILANO 2015 project of Japanese Government printed restaurant concept that spotlighted “meal consisting of soup, three side dishes and rice” “ramen” and “sweetness” (sweets) at first out. Famous Japanese restaurant group planned branch to call it, but, including correspondence to various regulation of EU, it became clear that hurdle was unexpectedly high when those groups investigated industrialization based on securing of ingredients procurement beginning human resources and couldn’t but finally give up.

Therefore cooperation, participation in JF request which bundled up food service industry comprehensively in a hurry from Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries came. According to the JF person concerned, it is said that it will be said to do “strength” of Japanese food service industry part for project to appeal for the world in way to add developing menu which faces with food court style that scrummaged of “all Japan” model literally and is wide which we poured infrastructure and know-how such as ingredients procurement, distribution, kitchen appliance into,, in addition, full-scale Kyoto Kaiseki restaurant without remaining in waiting on customers of cooking, hospitality for JF to be easy to fully show power as Japanese food service industry.

Accomplish deepening originally, and dish which is not of Japan origin fuses with Japanese dishes; in Japanese foods culture
In such inside, it was positive thing for JF and JRO that classic Japanese dishes were registered as Intangible Cultural Heritage of the UNESCO (United Nations education, science, culture engine) in December, 2013. It was big that popularity was fixing “delicious” “security, relief” that Japanese foods culture had at the same time “strength”, “hospitality service was good” that “quality control is outstanding” in form called representative food culture from simple boom to Japanese foods to base in the world in meeting, now.

The JF person concerned “is proud about Japanese dishes having been registered with world Intangible Cultural Heritage of the UNESCO, and think that is important. But food culture in Japan took in ingredients and menu historically from the world without being seized with limit of the Japanese dishes and we let you fuse well and accomplished original evolution, development. The representative menu is tempura, sukiyaki, noodles, Japanese Curry. In addition, about hamburger to be able to tell to be typical import menu, Japanese foods accomplished becoming in form such as “teriyaki burger” “Rice burger” virtually. These menus are meeting places of EXPO MILANO 2015 and state, not only we were recognized with sushi, but also think that meaning of what was received in form to “be delicious” is big.

Japan appealed by Japanese food culture through this EXPO MILANO 2015 for the world as told that heard story of this JF person concerned in the beginning, and Japanese food culture thereby got certainly world citizenship; ask, and it may be said. Not only it is this stage to have placed participation in EXPO MILANO 2015 of JF as “the food service industry globalization first year” at the same time, and flower opened, but also it may be said that it was clue of market development in the whole area of EU said to that it is difficult to approach.

Quality control fixation including cold chain is problem in in future overseas Japanese restaurant
Japanese restaurant is putting root abroad now in in 89,000 stores and each area. However, management substance of these overseas Japanese restaurants is Chinese after Japanese foods boom, and reality that there are many company managers of Korea ancestry is fact. Will problem there wrestle for “reform” for consciousness that these which Chinese company managers and others did well at this opportunity about good taste that Japanese foods culture is particular about, culture of security/safety, good quality control; please? Follow-up work becomes important in future so that JF and JRO are EXPO MILANO 2015, and Japanese foods evaluation that we got is not broken by these companies.

This is not problem only for any which Chinese company. It is necessary to polish cooking technology centering on system maintenance, security and hygiene management for the making of governance, the making of infrastructure centering on quality control including cold chain system of freezing, cold storage which is Japanese strength part in, besides, overseas Japanese restaurant development to build Japanese foods culture triggered by this EXPO MILANO 2015 well for JF and JRO by being able to say to Japanese various eating out companies developing business in overseas each place.
In this regard, the JF person concerned says, “all of them think that it is big lesson that Japan eating out company got in this EXPO MILANO 2015 by problem supporting in oar Japan”.

Problem, dried bonito limit Milan to EU security health code HACCP correspondence
When we think about post-EXPO MILANO 2015, there is still problem. It leaves weight in protecting agriculture of own country, food processing company from foreign farm products, food, and fold Japanese Government, and unfortunately it is fact for strategy correspondence to clear regulation in foreign export destination markets such as EU and various requirements, negotiations for deregulation until now not to have put weight.

Specifically, about HACCP becoming safety standards of food processing, production in Europe and America, Japan is behind with the introduction. Therefore, we can hardly export fisheries processing things of Japan to EU about farm products and food which cannot finish meeting standard of HACCP in the first on the list. Animals and plants quarantine inspection is similar, and at first, about meat and garden plants, export country must submit “request” (request) to open the door every item documents to countries of export destination. Pork moshikarida. Not only because we did not give such a “request”, export had not been done for EU, but also negotiations before it were not performed until now, too.

We were considered to be such “prohibited goods” which did not meet EU standard until now inside, and, about dried bonito and freshness (freezing) pork which import was not detected in, Japanese Government negotiated inevitable death with the government to Italy, and import was detected concerning use-limited only in EXPO MILANO 2015 special ward.

Tonkatsu using pork from Japan is extreme popularity but severe profit
However, tonkatsu which appealed as the representative menu of pork in Japan got great popularity when we put story of the person concerned of JF and JRO together, but one trip before transporting freshness (freezing) pork for tonkatsu in the cooking spot of Nippon Food coat of EXPO MILANO 2015 from Japan was at all problem pile.

Specifically, we transported by air and carried “potato pig” from Chiba for 200 kilos to Milan, but at first, for “prohibited goods” of EU handling, transportation under the severe monitoring was required and carried to government designation warehouse other than duty and the shipping after arrival at field Milan Airport and was required mukomiga which included, and additional expenses burden was demanded from Japan. It was not only it. Because mass preservation was difficult in space of freezer of Nippon Food coat, we were temporarily stored by government designation warehouse of distant place, and by small quantity was carried in by EXPO MILANO 2015 meeting place when it was necessary for cooking, and the Quirinal hygiene authorities person in charge opened the cause of attendance each time and took serious effort.

Therefore, the person concerned says, “there was actually bitterness not to extremely get on in economic basis for high cost at all even if tonkatsu is popular with Nippon Food coat, and sales are good and come to increase by sales”. Problem how clears these hurdles will remain in EU market in future Japanese eating out company when we think about full-scale advance.

We take logistic measures including distribution in the future with many lessons that JF consortium got
When Japanese eating out company imports Japanese agriculture and forestry marine product in EU, also, logistic and infrastructure including distribution systems from Japan to EU are undeveloped still more, and, in conjunction with this point, according to JF and the JRO person concerned, as for the lesson on making a foray in earnest to future EU market which we got in this EXPO MILANO 2015, it is said that things that are necessary for correspondence on legislation side of company establishment procedure, know-how of business setup such as study of the taxation system including value added tax became clear when Japanese eating out company establishes local corporation more in EU, and it develops business that the correspondence is urgent business effort for many limits, regulation to clear thing, these which there is being necessary. These problem clear is certainly important as post-EXPO MILANO 2015 measures, too.

The JF person concerned “think that approach in oar Japan is more and more important even to the point. Particularly, we state, approach to do is necessary for all the members participation in literally all Japan with companies which add to agriculture, food industry and food service industry in private enterprise side, and are concerned with logistic such as company of kitchen machine parts, distribution company including.

Link in the JF “food service industry globalization first year”; in out bound, in bound strategy
JF is 2015 business plan; “accelerate comprehensive approach that included acquisition of “in bound” including “hospitality mind” “contribution to tourism nation Japan” demand in with promotion of overseas development of “out bound”. We participate in EXPO MILANO 2015 that “meal” is theme as the administration main constituent of Japanese hall restaurant section and propose what we act as for Japanese foods, the spread of Japanese foods culture and export promotion of food of domestic production ingredients with allied industry.

The JF person concerned when “we make age of “the food service industry globalization (globalization) first year”, at the time of the 40th anniversary of the foundation of JF, do, and even business plan added it to one of five pillars, but it may be said that already realized “the Japan eating out globalization first year” when JF did this EXPO MILANO 2015 with business plan aim. Various problems pile up, but state, it may be said that we were certainly accompanied by spring by surge to Japanese foods evaluation in this EXPO MILANO 2015. It seems to have possibilities to be said that EXPO MILANO 2015 promoted one step to big new leap in JF, JRO as far as we hear these stories.

One Response to “Japan Pavilion received the gold prize for best exhibition at Expo Milan 2015”

  1. Japan Pavilion wins best exhibition prize at world expo
    Source: Kyodo News

    MILAN – The Japan Pavilion received the gold prize for best exhibition Friday at Expo Milan 2015, on the eve of the six-month event’s final day.

    Under the theme of “Harmonious Diversity,” the exhibition showcased Japan’s traditional culinary culture, including foods cooked with fermentation methods, as well as its agricultural, forestry and fisheries know-how.

    The pavilion also included interactive displays presenting potential solutions to global issues such as how to achieve sustainable food supply, which was held under the theme of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.”

    The pavilion was one of the most popular venues at the expo, with visitors waiting up to 10 hours for entry on some days.

    The prizes, presented by the International Exhibitions Bureau, which oversees the organization of international expos, were awarded in three categories — architecture, exhibition design and theme — based on pavilion size.

    Japan’s facility was recognized for its harmonious combination of nature and technological innovation in the large-scale exhibition category.

    The pavilion’s commissioner general, Tatsuya Kato, who received the prize, said, “We had a sense of being well-received by visitors.”

    Of the around 140 participating countries and international organizations, more than 50 set up their own pavilions to promote diverse gastronomical culture and address global challenges, such as famine and food safety.

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