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Japanese Ambassador of Georgia Tadaharu Uehara talk about relationship with Japan and Georgia country

| Biz News, Georgia, International Cooperation | 10/20/2017

Japan and Georgia

Japanese Ambassador to Georgia: Aiming to Develop Cultural & Economic Ties

Date: Oct 16, 2017
Source: Georgia Today

Exclusive Interview

Georgia and Japan have a special relationship. Since Georgia’s independence from the Soviet Union, the cooperation between the two nations has been ever increasing, not only politically but economically and culturally, too. Indeed, Japan has had a two-tier Grassroots Grant Projects scheme active in Georgia since 1998, part of the Official Development Assistance (ODA) financial aid offered by the Japanese government for the development of projects initiated by local communities, with the goal of fulfilling diverse communal needs at the grassroots level. As the Embassy website explains, “Funding is provided for not-profit organizations such as non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and local authorities on a project basis. By making the financial support more open to the grassroots level, those people in marginalized or any other disadvantaged groups receive a genuine contribution for immediate improvement of their living conditions”.

The project is divided into two parts: 1) Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Grant Projects (GGP) and 2) Grant Assistance for Grassroots Cultural Grant Projects (GCGP). The former aims to ensure “basic “Human Security” through the implementation of projects of various types and necessity in Georgia… [by empowering] people and communities and addressing the basic human needs in such fields as Primary Healthcare, Primary Education, Agriculture, Social Protection, Poverty Alleviation, and any other field related to basic human needs”.

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