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J-POP Culture Roadshow Indonesia Event: Mar 1 – May 9. 2015

| Biz Events, Indonesia Events, JPOP Events | 03/04/2015

J-POP Culture Roadshow Indonesia Event - Banner

J-POP Culture Roadshow Indonesia Event
Date: 03/01/2015 – 05/09/2015
Venue: Surabaya Town Square(Mall in Surabaya), Jogja Expo Center(Yogyakarta), Balai Sartika(Bandung), Uniplaza Convention Center(Medan), Ennichisai Blok M(Jakarta)
Organizer: CLAS:H
Official Website: www.clashcosplay.com
Email: zhugekamiya@gmail.com

Cosplay Live Action Show: Hybrid (CLAS:H) started in 2011 at Balai Kartini, Jakarta, with the concept “cosplay as live action show”, CLAS:H showed the outstanding and a good quality cosplay performance formed as a competition featuring contents such as music concert, J-POP subculture entertainment and exhibition, 10,000 people comes in 2 event.

Since 2012, CLAS:H open the new Semifinal city which is Yogyakarta, and claims that the only cosplay-related event holds the nation-wide cosplay performance competition with international standard rules. 2013, CLAS:H pick Surabaya as new semifinal city, then in 2014 CLAS:H pick Medan as new semifinal city beside Jakarta, Yogyakarta and Surabaya.

This year, 2015 as the 5th of CLAS:H event, Bandung become the 5th cities that held CLAS:H event, and in the first time, Grand Final CLAS:H will be held at the largest Japanese Culture Festival in Indonesia, Little Tokyo Ennichisai.

Event Schedule

  • Mar 01: Surabaya Town Square(Mall in Surabaya)
  • Mar 22: Jogja Expo Center(Yogyakarta)
  • Apr 04: Balai Sartika(Bandung)
  • Apr 18: Uniplaza Convention Center(Medan)
  • May 09: Ennichisai Blok M(Jakarta)

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