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AXES Sapporo has the largest exhibition hall in Hokkaido

AXES Sapporo (Sapporo Distribution Center) in Sapporo is one of the largest convention centers in Hokkaido Prefecture, with a large exhibition hall of 5,000 m² and an adjacent outdoor exhibition hall of 2,400 m². It has a building structure with 1 floor underground and 2 floors above ground. The large exhibition hall has a width of 100m and a depth of 50m, and is a pillarless structure that does not use any pillars, so the large space can be freely laid out according to the event.

AXES Sapporo

AXES Sapporo Outside View

In addition, the large exhibition hall can be divided into 3/4 (3,750 m²), 1/2 (2,500 m2), and 1/4 (1,250 m²), making it ideal for trade fairs, various events, and banquets. etc., can be used for multiple purposes. Hokkaido’s largest business event “Business EXPO” is also held every year at this venue, and is one of MICE representatives of Hokkaido.

Equipped with necessary equipment for various exhibitions

The large exhibition hall, where various exhibitions and events are held, also hosts exhibitions of vehicles and large machinery, as well as international trade fairs, gatherings, and parties. In addition to being fully equipped with air-conditioning equipment, the lighting, electrical power equipment, water supply and drainage equipment, telephone lines, etc. used in the exhibition booths are all built into the floors and walls.

Inside of Large Exhibition Hall

Inside of Large Exhibition Hall 5,000㎡


Hokkaido’s largest exhibition is also held at here

There are 4 large loading/unloading entrances of 4m x 4m, and loading by large trucks is also possible, improving work efficiency.

Outdoor exhibition space and free parking lot that can accommodate 1,100 cars

The 2,400㎡ asphalt-painted outdoor exhibition space has a sense of openness unique to the outdoors, making it the perfect space for events and exhibitions that visitors can easily participate in. Of course, it is also possible to install electricity, water supply and drainage equipment outdoors.

Outdoor Exhibition Space

Outdoor Exhibition Space 2,400㎡

If you use it together with the large exhibition hall next door, you can expand the range of event presentations, and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd parking lots that sandwich the venue are free parking lots that can accommodate a total of 1,100 vehicles. It is an outdoor exhibition hall that can be used all year round due to the climate of Hokkaido.

Parking 1

Parking Space No.1

Parking 2

Parking Space No.2

Parking 3

Parking Space No.3

Floor Map 1F

Floor Map 1F

Floor Map 2F

Floor Map 2F

Venue Layout

Building Layout

7 meeting rooms and 3 negotiation rooms that can meet various needs

There are 10 types of large and small conference rooms and business negotiation rooms to meet the needs of the users. Not only can it be used independently, but it can also be used as a waiting room when using the large exhibition hall. Meeting room: 7 rooms (30m², 70m², 72m², 110m², 121m², 150m², 279m²) and business meeting room: 3 rooms (16m² × 4)

Special Meeting Room B

Special Meeting Room B

The oval table is a special prize, and in a relaxed atmosphere, it is suitable for meetings such as board meetings and general meetings.

Meeting Room A

Meeting Room A (1F)

This is the meeting room closest to the main exhibition hall. It is also ideal as a waiting room for people involved in events or as a waiting room for a small number of people.

Special Meeting Room A

Special Meeting Room A (2F)

Luxurious salon style room. In addition to meetings, it can also be used as a waiting room for important guests and guests at exhibitions.

Training Room A

Training Room A (2F)

It can be used according to the number of people and purposes, such as exhibitor briefings before the exhibition, employee training, and seminars.

Training Room B

Training Room B (2F)

Set in an O shape, it is suitable for meetings and seminars for 30 to 40 people.

Reception Hall 2F

Reception Hall (2F)

It is equipped with a lectern, motorized screen, and motorized baton. A hall with a calm atmosphere suitable for lectures, seminars and forums. It can also be used as a venue for eating and drinking space for events.

Small Exhibition Hall

Small Exhibition Room (1F)

The small exhibition space of 279 m2 can be used for small exhibitions, business meetings, press conferences, and briefings, as products and equipment can be brought in and out directly from the outside. In addition, since it can accommodate 150 people, it is a multi-space that can also be used for meetings.

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Facility Overview

Name: AXES Sapporo (Sapporo Distribution Center)
Operator: Sapporo Industry and Distribution Promotion Association
Address: 4-3-55 Distribution Center, Shiroishi Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido 003-0030
Tel: 011-865-5811
Site: 25,132 ㎡, Building area:8,545 ㎡, Total floor area:10,578 ㎡
Structure: Reinforced concrete construction (partly steel construction), 1 basement floor, 2 floors above ground
Exhibition Hall: Large Exhibition Hall: Area 5,000 m², Ceiling Height 10.0 m (beam 8.9m) Floor: Concrete Finish, Floor Load = 5t/m² Loading/Exiting 4 Places (4m H, 4m W)
Outdoor exhibition area: 2,400 m² asphalt pavement
Meeting room: 7 rooms (30 m², 70 m², 72 m², 110 m², 121 m², 150 m², 279 m²) Business meeting corner 3 rooms (16 m² × 4)/td>
Parking: All Free: 1,100 spaces (1st: 300, 2nd: 200, 3rd: 600)
WWW: Official Website


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