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Creating a business in the local region: Satoyume

Satoyume Co., Ltd., developing regional revitalization as its main business, is a company established in April 2012 with its head office in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo and a branch office in Shinano-machi, Kamiminochi-gun, Nagano Prefecture.

With the corporate identity of “Local Business Incubator – Create business in the region with people as the starting point -“, they produce an accompanying business that specializes in regional revitalization.

Satoyume Co., Ltd.

Developing regional revitalization projects in various regions in Japan

For example, NIPPONIA Kosuge Genryu no Mura (Kosuge Village, Yamanashi Prefecture), based on the concept of “a village of 700 people in one hotel,” and the “Healing Forest Project” (Nagano Shinano-machi, Yamagata Prefecture), and “Kahokurashi” (Kahoku-machi, Yamagata Prefecture), a local antenna shop and local trading company business (Kahoku-cho, Yamagata Prefecture), are just some examples of the creation of various businesses based on people.

Local Antenna Shop "KAHOKURASHI"

Local Antenna Shop “KAHOKURASHI”

"KAHOKURASHI" Local Products Shop

1F Local Products Shop

"KAHOKURASHI" Restaurant with Local Foods

2F Restaurant with Local Foods

In the second business plan period from 2021, they will shift from “plan-based” to “people-based” and start their business by discovering and developing human resources with ideas and visions. Aiming to establish a new system, they are expanding encounters between people and the community, which is the starting point of their business, strengthening ties, and further promoting sustainable community development.

Local x Human resource development to promote SDGs = New Workcation

In addition, in May 2022, they acquired a national travel business license (Type 2 travel business in Japan) and established the “Satoyume Travel Business Department”. Then, from October 2022, “LOCAL SDGs Workcation” will be launched as the first project of the travel business department.

This “LOCAL SDGs Workcation” is aimed at a wide range of people who are interested in the region, mainly corporate executives and employees, and through experiencing the cutting-edge SDGs efforts in the region, develops human resources who will be responsible for promoting the local x SDGs. It’s a new workcation to nurture.

LOCAL SDGs Workcation

In “LOCAL SDGs Workcation”, in addition to lecture-style sessions including “SDGs Basic Course” by Ms. Ayako Sakurada, who is active as an eco-announcer, there will be a program that combines cross-industry interaction type workcations that actually visit the area. , which will be implemented over a period of 5 months.

Announcement from Company / Shop

LOCAL SDGs Workcation”, a program to develop human resources who will promote SDGs, will start from Satoyume Co., Ltd., which supports regional revitalization! Satoyume, which develops regional revitalization projects in about 40 regions across Japan, acquired a national travel agency license in May 2022 and established a new Satoyume Travel Business Department.

LOCAL SDGs Workcation
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