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Next Meats: The Food-Tech Startup Solving Social Problems

‘Next Meats’ was founded in 2020 in Shinjuku Tokyo Prefecture, with the aim to directly confront contemporary environmental concerns, as well as put solutions into action. The research started in 2017, the incorporation of the final product was completed in 2020, and the company was listed in January 2021 in OTCBB via SPAC.

Next Meats Co., Ltd.

They have produced products such as the world’s first meat-substituted BBQ “NEXT Yakiniku”, Beef Bowl with plant-based meat “NEXT Gyudon”, and the plant-based alternative Hamburger “NEXT Burger”.

Due to the attention gained from becoming a hot topic in television programs, Next Meats has been gaining increasing support, mainly from the younger generation. The comapny has also announced their partnership with Toyota Tsusho Cooperation, a general trading firm, as of December 2020. They have embarked on research and development of a wide range of alternative proteins; our goal is to substitute all animal-based meat with substitute proteins by 2050. Next Meats is working on product development and building various alliances with the aim of becoming the Apple of the food industry.

What can we do for the future of our children?

Meat production is the cause of 15% of global human-emitted greenhouse gases; hence, through the decrease in intake of meat products, we can vastly improve greenhouse gas emissions. There is a necessity to decrease the massive amount of water used for stockbreeding, as well as the greenhouse gas emissions caused by it. ‘Next Meats’ aims to create and popularize a delicious plant-based alternative to animal meat and a lifestyle that corresponds to it, as well as improve the current state of our environment. This initiative contributes to the UN’s SDGs.

Next Meats Official Video


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NEXT MEATS’ Products

The products below include limited edition offers and therefore may be unavailable at this time. Please check the official website for more details.

NEXT YAKINIKU(BBQ) SERIES: “Karubi(Korean-style Beef Ribs) 1.0” and “Harami(Skirt Steak) 1.0”

NEXT YAKINIKU SERIES is a plant-based foodstuff made of plant-based proteins such as soybeans. We have spent many years developing this product with an established factory that has been making vegan foods for 30 years. Since they are made without any additives and with similar qualities with meat, it is perfect for people who want to lead healthier lifestyles but also wish to enjoy the texture and flavor of meat.

NEXT YAKINIKU(BBQ) SERIES: “Karubi(Korean-style Beef Ribs) 1.0” and “Harami(Skirt Steak) 1.0”

NEXT YAKINIKU SERIES possesses less than half the fat and about twice the amount of protein of ordinary yakiniku, making it a product with perfect nutritional value that is even acceptable to athletes. Two types of products were released this year: “Karubi 1.0,” which is made to look and taste as savory as the Korean-style Beef Ribs, and the tender and flavorful “Harami 1.0”.

Completely Plant-based Beef Bowl: “NEXT Gyudon 1.2”

The texture and taste are made almost indistinguishable to a beef bowl. We are determined to change the fundamental concept of “plant-based food = healthy but not tasty”. This beef bowl is made without any animal ingredients or any additives; it is friendly to both the environment and one’s body. It is rich in protein and low in fat, making it a perfect provision for athletes. You can even have it as a late-night meal without feeling guilty.

Completely Plant-based Beef Bowl: “NEXT Gyudon 1.2”

Guilt-free Plant-based Hamburger: “NEXT Burger 2.0”

Next Burger,” which has been available exclusively on the crowdfunding website “Makuake” since July 2020, has returned with an updated version due to popular demand. The “Next Burger 2.0” is an alternative plant-based meat patty made from a perfect combination of pea and soy proteins. It is both fulfilling and healthy.

Guilt-free Plant-based Hamburger: “NEXT Burger 2.0”

The patty finishes with a subtle “Wa (harmony)” flavor. The springiness of the texture (meatiness) further enhances the delicious taste of the patty. The original sauce that comes with the patty will have you hooked!

NEXT MEATS’ Contribution to the SDGs

NEXT MEATS Corporation’s activities to solve food-supply crisis and environmental problems through research and development of meat substitutes fall under several goals of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations in 2015 and is committed to them.

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

The Goals include: Goal 2: Zero Hunger, Goal 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure, Goal 13: Climate Action, Goal 15: Life on Land, and Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals. NEXT MEATS is a company working on SDGs.

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