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Mitutoyo America, the leading measurement company, will showcase featured products at IMTS 2018 in Chicago on Sep 10-15

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Mitutoyo America - MDH-D2

Mitutoyo America Corporation Showcases Products at IMTS in Chicago September 10-15

Date: July 24, 2018
Source: Mitutoyo America Corporation

AURORA, Ill. – Mitutoyo America Corporation is pleased to introduce its interactive small tool table and announce highlight products for the IMTS Show in Chicago from September 10-15, 2018, at McCormick Place Convention Center. Mitutoyo will be located in IMTS Booth #135215, East Building, Level 3.

Interactive Small Tool Table:

Mitutoyo America’s booth at this year’s IMTS show will definitely change your understanding about precision measurement tools. We will introduce innovative interactive displays, which will give booth visitors quick access to tool specifications and show the unique features of select individual specialty tools. The interactivity of the displays are sure to draw an audience to our popular small tool area and will significantly cut down on wait times from years prior.


Featured Products:

  • MDH-D2: MDH Micrometer with d2 output is the world’s first 5µinch /0.1µm resolution micrometer. The MDH Micrometer uses ABS (absolute) rotary sensors to eliminate origin settings at power up, as well over speed errors, delivering high accuracy and reliability. The digimatic output, d2, allows output to a resolution of 1 millionths of an inch, and the data can be input direct to Excel, MeasurLink® or other SPC programs. The MDH-D2 is ideal for those who need to make highly accurate measurements with a handheld tool.
  • U Wave-fit: The U-Wave fit is a new, compact attachment for over 1,600 different Mitutoyo calipers and micrometers that transmits measurements wirelessly to a PC using the digimatic protocol. The elimination of long, cumbersome data cables help improve measurement efficiency and speed while maintaining precise accuracy
  • The unit’s user-friendly interface allows data to be loaded into any software product that accepts keyboard input.

  • HR-530 Hardness Tester: The new HR-530 and HR-530L Rockwell Hardness Testing Machines provide unique electronic control capable of Rockwell, Rockwell Superficial, Rockwell testing of plastics (A & B) and Light Force Brinell hardness testing. These new hardness testers include a color touch-screen controller with four display types available, as well as enhanced statistical graphing.
  • Flying Spot 201FS SurfaceMeasure: The SurfaceMeasure 201FS laser sensor uses a point scanning method (Flying Spot) to achieve high reproducibility and best-in-class scanning accuracy. Designed specifically for small components, the SurfaceMeasure’s high data acquisition rate makes it ideal for inspection and reverse engineering.
  • DP-1VA Data Logger and Printer: The DP-1VA Digimatic Data Logger and Printer collect data from a Digimatic gage. It can store the data internally, export data to software via a USB connection, or a print data on rolled thermal paper on its self-contained printer. The DP-1VA is very user friendly featuring a simple user interface with large, easy-to-read buttons. It is also highly versatile, portable and inexpensive to own and use.
  • Formtracer Extreme SV-C4500: The Formtracer Extreme SV-C4500 is a high-accuracy contact type CNC contour and surface roughness measuring system that introduces a dual-sided stylus design into the CNC model for the first time. This allows for accurate measurements and analysis of both upward and downward directions without having to stop for orientation adjustments. Its Z2-axis Tracking Measurement function, combined with the dual-sided stylus, allows for accurate measurement of large inner and outer diameters while using the column Z2-axis scale positions.
  • PH-A14 Profile Projector and M2-D2 Processor: The PH-A14 Profile Projector is a horizontal projector equipped with accurate linear glass scales and touch screen M2 geometric measurement display. The M2 2D Processor features easy-to-use high-tech touch screen, M2 geometric measurement display, graphics-based “part view” constructions, geometric tolerancing, which measure features, set nominals, apply tolerances and view deviation results with only a few quick clicks and has report flexibility with the ability to customize report data and format, including header, footer and graphics.


Mitutoyo America Corporation
965 Corporate Boulevard, Aurora, IL 60502
Phone: (630) 820-9666; Fax: (630) 820-2614
E-mail: marketing@mitutoyo.com
Website: www.mitutoyo.com


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