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London based Hyper Japan Festival offers something for everyone

| Biz Events, JPOP Events, United Kingdom | 08/06/2017



The London based festival reconvened for its eleventh year bringing fans together for a celebration of Japanese culture.

Date: July 31, 2017
Source: resonate By JAMES SPALTON

From manga and anime to food and fashion, Hyper Japan offers something for everyone.

The festival this year ran from 14-16 July and was hosted at the Tobacco Dock a huge venue with surprises round every corner. As soon as you entered you were greeted by the smell of freshly made yakisoba and takoyaki, enticing you further to truly experience what this festival had to offer.

Food and Drink

Hyper Japan delivered fully on the raw selection of food on offer from the aforementioned takoyaki and yakisoba. There was also the chance to sample the famous wagyu beef, known for being the most expensive beef in the world obtained from cows that some could say live better lives than many of us, and it did deliver on taste! Sushi a staple of Japanese cuisine freshly prepared to feed the hungry festival goers had a queue that never seemed to end.

One of the highlights of the festival was the sake tasting session having a £15 entry fee this area offered samplings of sake from 10 breweries across Japan.

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