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G-SHOCK, Japanese Watch Brand, Updated Band Material of All-New Men’s MR-G Model. It’s Includes Traditional Japanese Bishamon-kiko Pattern Ones.

| Products & Services, USA | 10/18/2018

G-Shock - MRG-G2000R-1A - Bishamon kiko Pattern

Casio G-SHOCK Announces All-New Men’s MR-G Model With Updated Band Material

Date: Oct 18, 2018
Source: Casio America, Inc.

DOVER, N.J., Oct. 18, 2018 – Today, Casio G-SHOCK announces the latest addition to the upscale men’s MR-G line with the all new MRG-G2000R-1A timepiece. The first-ever MR-G model to feature a Dura Soft Fluoro-rubber Band, the watch combines highly durable material with soft textures for a supremely comfortable wear. Part of the brand’s flagship timepiece collection, the new MR-G model is created to be the epitome of luxury and strength with the traditional Japanese Bishamon-kiko Pattern engraved on the band.

Watch Includes Traditional Japanese Bishamon-kiko Pattern on Dura Soft Fluoro-rubber Band

This customary Japanese finish, which combines hexagonal shapes into groups of three, dates back to ancient times and was often seen on the armor of Bishamonten – a group of warriors that symbolized ultimate strength in battle.

Including premium features such as a diamond-like carbon coating to increase abrasion resistance, as well as titanium that’s undergone a deep layer hardening process to render it up to five times tougher than normal, the MRG-G2000R combines Japanese aesthetics with modern technology for a luxurious, tough watch.

Other top-of-the-line finishes include a scratch-resistant sapphire inner crystal coating, G-SHOCK’s legendary Multi-Band 6 technology and tough solar technology, as well as Bluetooth connectivity through the G-SHOCK Connected app.

In another first for the brand, the Dura Soft Fluoro-Rubber Band and titanium case are connected via “L/R-Δ Loc” (pronounced “L-R Delta Lock”), which Casio co-developed in partnership with NejiLaw – a company known for “screws that never come loose.” Based on an L/R bolt* with two nuts that lock together and spin in opposite directions, L/R-Δ Loc was created specifically for watches as a revolutionary mechanism that prevents screws from coming loose due to vibration and other forces.
*L/R is a registered trademark of NejiLaw Inc.

Each timepiece also comes equipped with standard G-SHOCK technology of:

  • 200M water resistance and shock resistance
  • Solar powered
  • Automatic Date Update
  • Airplane Mode
  • World Time (39 cities + UTC)
  • Super Illuminator LED light
  • Daily alarms
  • Full auto calendar
  • Stopwatch and countdown timer
  • Day/date display
  • 49.8mm case

The MRGG2000R-1A will retail for $2,800 and will be available for purchase starting this November at selected G-SHOCK retailers including Macy’s, and G-SHOCK Soho Store.

CASIO G-SHOCK MR-G MRG-G2000HT – Kasumi-Tsuchime -

You can check the Casio’s MR-G line on shops below.


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