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JFOODO launches campaign to increase visibility and promote Japanese craft beer in the US – 22 Japan’s breweries banded together

| Biz Events, Food & Drink Events, USA, USA Events | 10/03/2018

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“Drink in a New Language” is a campaign driven by the JFOODO that aims to increase visibility and promote Japanese craft beer in the US, with a focus on the West Coast. While a good range of products is available in the US, Japanese craft brewers are hoping to gain more visibility and influence, as well as introduce new beer to the market via continuous trade marketing relations, consumer events, PR and social media over the course of the next year.

It includes the following 22 participating craft breweries below.

Schedule of Drink in a New Language

  • San Diego Bar Tour, SD TapRoom – Oct 4
  • San Diego Bar Tour, Project Bar & Grill – Oct 5
  • San Francisco Bar Tour, Liquid Gold – Oct 10
  • San Francisco Bar Tour, Southern Pacific Brewing Co. – Oct 11
  • Portland Bar Tour, Loyal Legion – Oct 12
  • Portland Bar Tour, The BeerMongers – Oct 13

To register, click here.

Japanese Craft Beer Launches “Drink in a New Language” Marketing Campaign in the US

Date: Oct 3, 2018
Source: JFOODO

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 3, 2018 – Get your bottle openers out for a sensory trip to the Land of the Rising Sun this fall as Japanese Craft Beer launches its first marketing and visibility campaign in the US. With “Drink in a New Language,” the industry association of 22 craft beer producers invites Americans to discover the authenticity, richness and unique flavor profile of Japanese craft beer. With a focus on the West Coast, the campaign kicked-off with a Japanese beer garden party on September 20, 2018 in Los Angeles.

Japanese craft beer is ideally positioned to answer today’s demand for low-malt beer in the US. A JFOODO (Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Center) February 2018 comparative study among 447 craft beer consumers in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles unveiled that 80% of respondents would want to try it.

“Japanese craft beer boasts unique attributes that are sure to appeal to American consumers,” said Hiroki Oizumi, Director General with the JFOODO. “Beer lovers will discover quality brews of great character that are hand crafted with extreme attention to detail and unique ingredients from all corners of Japan such as yuzu, sansho (Japanese pepper) or matcha.”

“Our craft beer is authentically Japanese,” added Toshiyuki Kiuchi, Vice President of Kiuchi Brewery, known for its Hitachino Nest Beer. “While our beer is inspired by Western traditions, many differentiating factors contribute to making our products unique, including the impact of 190-year-old sake brewing traditions, local ingredients and a dedication to craftsmanship that can only come from Japan.”

“The American market is obviously a top market for Japanese craft beer exports,” concluded Yusuke Miyakoshi, Overseas Sales Manager at YOHO Brewing, famous for Yona Yona Ale and Umami IPA. “We want our beer to inspire Americans to be curious, try new things and realize the care and expertise Japanese craft brewers put into every single can of beer.”

Event Kick-Off in Los Angeles

To celebrate the official launch of the campaign, Japanese Craft Beer threw a beer garden party at The Holding Co. in Los Angeles on September 20, 2018. The immersive event allowed guests to discover the surprising flavors of unique Japanese craft brands and get a taste of the new generation of star products. Participants enjoyed live music by Miss DJ Blizz and a special appearance by celebrity guest Kaley Cuoco.

Kaley Cuoco with Hiroki Oizumi, Director General, JFOODO for Japanese Craft Beer


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