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Den’s Tea, Inc. – Japanese green tea specialist for green tea novices to fanatics

  • Company: Den's Tea, Inc.
  • Street: 2281 W. 205th Street, Unit 105
  • City/Town/Village: Torrance
  • State/Prefecture: California
  • Country: United States
  • Zip/Postal Code: 90501
  • Phone: 310-328-3336
  • Website: http://www.denstea.com/
  • Contact: https://www.denstea.com/contact_us.html
  • Listed: 05/18/2014 8:20 pm
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Den’s Tea, Inc. – Japanese green tea specialist for green tea novices to fanatics

Den’s Tea is a unique company in the North American tea trade. Den’s Tea is owned by Masanori (Den) Shirakata, a third generation Japanese tea merchant with over 30 years of hands-on experience in growing and manufacturing Japanese green tea. Den is also President and CEO of his family’s tea business in Japan, Shirakata Denshiro Shoten, Inc. (www.shirakata.co.jp). This puts Den’s Tea is in a position to supply the freshest and most authentic varieties of Japanese green tea in North America.

About Shirakata-Denshiro Shoten
Shirakata Denshiro Shoten Inc. has been in continuous operation in the Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan since 1916. The company was founded by Denshiro Shirakata and began as a small family run wholesale tea distributor. The family’s expanding tea trade eventually led to the opening of a retail shop, tea processing plant and the implementation of a nationwide mail order system. After years of being recognized as the premiere domestic source of fine Shizuoka tea, the company began exporting.


  • Sencha
    Sencha is the most popular tea in Japan, accounting for almost 80% of the tea consumed. Usually the top parts of tea leaves and buds are used to produce Sencha. It is grown in full sunlight and is processed in multiple stages: steaming, kneading, drying, sifting, roasting and often blending. Sencha is noted for its delicate sweetness, mild astringency and flowery-green aroma.

  • Fukamushi-Sencha
    Fukamushi leaves are steamed two or three times longer than standard Sencha. The extra steaming breaks down the fibers further resulting in a leaf shape that is coarser than regular Sencha. This produces an easy brewing tea with a darker color and a milder flavor.

  • Gyokuro
    Gyokuro, Japan’s top grade of Japanese Green Tea, is not normally found in homes in Japan. It provides an excellent balance of quality and value. Gyokuro tea bushes are carefully grown in the shade for about three weeks prior to harvesting in order to protect them from sunlight. In so doing, the theanine (amino acid) content of the leaf increases while the tannin does not. Gyokuro has a rich green color, a distinguished aroma and a sweet taste.

  • Genmaicha
    Genmaicha is a blend of Bancha with well-roasted brown rice, called Genmai. The rice adds a nutty taste and roasted aroma. It is popular in Japan as an everyday tea.

  • Houjicha
    Houjicha brews a brownish liquid, but it is still green tea. Houjicha is produced by roasting Bancha or Kukicha over high heat. The result is a savory tea with a refreshing, roasted taste and virtually no bitterness. It contains the lowest level of caffeine of any Japanese green tea.

  • Kukicha
    Kukicha is a unique looking tea in that it contains stems and stalks from the production of Sencha. This stem tea has a unique aroma, natural sweetness, and contains a high theanine (amino acid) level which promotes calmness.

  • Bancha and Guricha
    There are many types of Japanese green tea and each tea has its own unique character. These teas were born and developed over time in the different cultural regions of Japan. Today, they are appreciated by all Japanese tea lovers. As a Japanese green tea specialist, Den’s goal is to carry a variety of Japanese green tea including following special teas.

  • Flavored Teas
    Den’s Award-winning Flavored Teas are subtle combination of fresh green tea and fruit or flower flavors. The Sencha or Kukicha and the flavor work in harmony so neither overpowers the other. The fruit flavored green teas are enjoyable for both hot and iced brewed.

  • Organic Teas
    There are many organic tea fields in Japan, however it is rare for a tea farm to have a USDA organic certification in Japan. Also our parent company Shirakata Denshiro Shoten, inc. has acquired a certificate for the factory and facility where they are allowed to process organic teas.

  • Matcha
    Matcha powdered green tea is famed for the Tea Ceremony. Tea bushes of Matcha are carefully grown under the shade for about one month prior to harvesting in order to protect them from sunlight. This brings out an extraordinarily sweet taste with no bitterness. The manufactured leaves are ground like flour to produce a fine green powder. Matcha has a wonderful aroma, silky froth, and rich mellow taste.

  • Hot Brew Iced Teas
    Den’s Tea recommends our selected classical loose leaf tea for the iced tea. Den’s selected aromatic green teas are well blended for Hot Brew Iced Tea and provide a refreshing flavor and all the health benefits of hot tea.

  • Cold Brew Iced Teas
    This is premium iced green tea with all of the flavor and health benefits of hot brewed green tea. Den’s Tea has combined its pyramid shaped tea bag with pure tea leaves specially processed to infuse in cool water.

  • Tea Bags
    At Den’s Tea we believe that everyone should enjoy the everyday custom of having loose tea brewed in a proper brewing vessel. The time and ritual of “taking tea” is as good for us as the health benefits of drinking the tea. However, we too are often unable to brew our tea in a vessel and take time for tea.

  • Tea Bags (Organic Green Tea)
    Our Organic Whole Leaf Teabags are made with high quality whole leaf tea that is the same quality as our premium loose leaf tea. All the tea leaves are USDA certified organic teas. The teabag is a pyramid shaped nylon mesh bag and has enough room to let the tea steep properly. It produces the best cup of tea possible from a teabag.

  • Tea Bags (Organic Black Tea)
    As you know, Den’s Tea specializes in manufacturing authentic green tea in Japan. What you may not know is that our parent company, Shirakata-Denshiro Shoten, in Japan, has been an importer and supplier of premium teas from around the world for more than a decade.

  • Powdered Teas
    Japanese green tea is now as convenient as it is healthy. Den’s powdered tea mixes in a second with hot or cold water. It’s made from chemical-free green tea leaves. It is available in a bulk package similar to our loose leaf teas or in 4 gram packets which are perfect for “brewing” up iced tea on a moments notice.

  • Matcha Teaware
    As Matcha becomes more popular, we recommend you have the proper teaware for its preparation and enjoyment. Matcha Bowls, Chasen (bamboo whisk) and Chashaku (Matcha scoop) are most often seen in the Japanese Tea Ceremony, but they are perfectly acceptable to use anytime you are enjoying Matcha.

  • Teapots & Cups
    A good teapot is essential for the proper brewing of green tea. Den has developed a collection of teapots that will brew flavorful cups of hot or iced tea. The collection includes modern and traditional designs as well as modern and traditional materials. All of them will brew an authentic cup of tea when using one of Den’s fine green teas.

  • Accessories
    Sometimes it’s the little extras that add so much to our tea time. Den’s Tea is offering a collection of unique accessories to enhance this special time of the day.

  • Tea Books
    Our goal is to provide you with fine green tea products, exceptional tea ware and a source of information you can enjoy over and over. Our tea books help to connect one culture to another through the wonderful world of tea. Tea is enjoyed in many countries and Den¡Çs Tea hopes it can contribute to the understanding of others through the common love of tea.

  • Tea Time Treats
    While our primary mission is to supply fresh and authentic teas, we also want to promote an enjoyable tea time. Consequently, we are offering several Japanese Tea Time Treats to add some zip to your tea time. We’re sure you’ll enjoy the taste combination of good tea and these treats. They are also perfect to share with friends who come to visit.

  • Tea Gifts
    Den’s Tea has assembled gift sets including popular teas, tea pots and accessories. The selection should satisfy just about everyone’s gift giving needs for business associates, special friends, and your family. Give a flavorful and healthy gift of Den’s Green Tea for any occasion and Holiday Season.


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